Tuesday, 14 September 2010



Now that leaves are on the ground (I've seen three so far) and a duvet is back on my bed i feel autumn//winter fast approaching.
Nothing, nothing, beats knitwear for me when it comes to the colder months. Except maybe a killer pair of boots or the hypnotic lure of an open fire and a convenient bag of marshmallows or snow.
Okay. so i like a lot of stuff that comes with the lower temperatures, but this post is dedicated to knitwear.
Specifically: Cardigans.
Even more specifically: ASOS Curve Cardigans.

They really are churning out some awesome woollies right now.

It's safe to say i am a cardigan lover.

I do love me a good jumper too. I just haven't been inspired by any i have seen.
I'm still looking for my ultimate jumper.
It's soft and chunky but loose knit so it has a grunge vibe. Man made fabrics are no-no, regardless of how convincingly woolly they appear to feel. The sleeves are a bit too long, body a bit too baggy and just long enough to cover Mon Derrière.
When i find this jumper I'll celebrate by spending a morning alone in the house wearing my new knitted friend with noting but these and some sheepskin slippers. Dancing, no, flailing wildly to Florence and The Machine or Kate Bush. Then reading and drinking tea with my cat Captain Kidd and finally enjoying some crumpets whilst sat on the windowsill watching the wind bust my garden to pieces.
: D

What do you guys think to my little jumper dream, do you have similar visions of celebrating the ultimate knitwear find? Or do you find knitwear boring and overrated?
I know some people who hate cardigans, how and why i have no idea, but they do.

Peace & Love.


  1. I wear a cardigan nearly everyday. I love love love them. I am so excited that now it's temperature appropriate again for me to wear them everyday, although I did routinely through the summer too, to odd looks I'm sure.

    I am in love with the rose print cardi, and I did like the owl one when I saw it, but it is plain on the back!! WHY ASOS? WHY? I do not understand.

    Anyway, your jumper fantasy sounds awesome. I have never found a jumper I really love :(

  2. plain on the back?!?! whaaaat?
    i didn't check the back cos i was too mesmerised by the front.
    why would you do that? silly. silly silly.

    i'm yet to find that jumper. but i will find it. even if i have to have it shipped over from africa i'll get my hands on it.x

  3. I lalalalalalove me some knitwear! I've seen lots of jumpers I love mostly from topshop but I'm scared they're a bit frumpy (and a whole lotta dollar.) It's not hard for me to find jumper & cardi things that are too long in the sleeves becuse i'm vertically challenged.