Friday, 10 September 2010


It's unlikely that I'll shave my head any time soon, but i do own one hell of a pair of Dr. Martens and there is some plus size Ben Sherman stuff on Simply Be so maybe next week I'll be a skin for a while.
On a serious note Skinhead fashion is something you can take all the way or just take influence from. Everyone can rock it, regardless of size/gender/colour/political affiliation. And what is quite awesome about it is so many other trends work with it and share elements of it; punk, new wave, military, mod, indie, rockabilly, 80's, sportswear, the list goes on...

I've read lots about the Skinhead Subculture, its origins, branches of it, fashions in it, news stories about it. It's not just a group of racist thugs, and skins were born not out of politics but a merger of cultures. I love the fact that it is a working class thing, having studied Communication Studies at A-Level I've done a lot of studying into class and culture and i find it really interesting that a lot of the best and most long-lasting fashions are born out of working class subculture.

Due to the fact that this post was created in my brain because of This is England. I've only put together pictures of the cast from the film and TV series. I'm not out to say that it's a perfect representation of Skinhead Fashion it was just the easiest way for me to get pictures because that was what inspired the post.

All photos found on google images, i don't claim to have taken a single one. I just wish i had!

I'm also gonna stick this Gnarls Barkley video in for good measure. Awesome song and amazing styling of the video's cast!

Peace & Love.


  1. I watched this is england again last night. :)
    I love itt!!!!!

  2. I'll have to check this out, looks interesting! xo