Friday, 17 September 2010

OOTD: Tent Dress and a New Tattoo

Super doooooper quick post. I'm too tired to function and i have major packing for gandmaahhhs house to do in the morning!



I wore this outfit to go out for drinks. My tattoo clothing was a standard Morgaine uniform of plaid shirt jeans and a tank.
With a splash of red lippy and a flick of winged eye-liner : )

This ASOS Curve dress is super comfy and was the only thing i felt comfortable wearing with knee length (pulled up) leggings. It is however completely shapeless and like a circus tent!

My tattoo is inspired by my travelling around and the stories my grandad always has to tell of the countries he has been too. He was definitely someone who made me want to see the world and every time my breath is taken away by a moment in another country or city i thank him for that.
I will more than likely post on the ink again tomorrow when time is on my side!

Peace Out.


  1. cute! i love the floaty, soft dress with the black leather!

  2. thank you : D gotta keep it rock and roll. I don't think i'd wear this unless i had something with a bit more edge to don with it.x

  3. Ah! I love your new ink Morgaine! It's amazing. I also love you. xx

  4. The tattoo reminds me of the ones they had in the 4th series of Heroes :))

  5. love you to t-dawwwgg.

    they had tattoos on heroes? i must admit i did love series one but i then forgot to watch series 2 and all of a sudden i didn't have a clue what was going on, same thing happened with Lost!
    : )

  6. Once again you are wearing something I've been looking at on ASOS Curve! I was skeptical of that dress as well out of fear it would be too loose and shapeless but you pairing it with a leather bomber makes such a difference! Would you say you could pair the dress with a skinny belt to emphasize the waist or it will give the dress a weird shape and not work?

  7. You could totally belt it! I personally haven't because i feel like it looks a bit off with the buttons that go down the front. But like i said that's personal.
    It depends on your shape but i've seen this dress belted on other people and loved it:

    check the link : )