Saturday, 25 September 2010


To the curvy girl in the starry dress,

Today when i was browsing around the forever shrinking and quite disappointing Inspire section in the Exeter branch of New Look, in a non pervy or stalkerish or weird way, you caught my eye.

You're hair was white blonde with a bad ass purple fringe, perfectly wavy in a very 50's Marilyn way. I had nothing but admiration for your blue and white starry dress, again rocking the 50's vibe especially since you'd paired it with vintage? red wedges. But just when i think you're going for a pretty typical modern twist on the 50's you stun me with your yellow bag and blue sparkly toe nails.
And then i saw how pretty you were.
In a different mood, on a different day i could have been jealous; but instead i just smiled.
Because there you were, shopping in the same section as me (sizes 18 - 26) looking better than any other girl in the shop. You reminded me of a fact i already knew, but feeling disappointed at the plus size clothes range in front of me, had temporarily forgotten.
That beauty has no size. Style is not confined by numbers on labels. Fashion sense is not limited to people whose bodies fit "the norm".

I nearly asked to take your photo when we ended up next to each other in the line to pay, but the light was so bad inside. Then when i saw you outside i contemplated running after you but didn't and then you were gone.
It's a decision hard not to regret.

To the girl in the starry dress, to the the girl reading this, to every person who picks up a big ass rock to smash apart the idea that you have to be a size 8 to be stylish:
You Inspire Me.

: D



  1. its wise words that you speak, and thank you, you have given me a few minutes of inspiration. :) i wish i were as confident as you when it comes to fashion, i'm a fashion wreak, we too don't mix. :) xx

  2. that's quite alright georgie : )

    you're so not a fashion mess. just gotta find your style. When i was younger i didn't know/care what i was doing.

    It came with time!

  3. Unexpected inspiration that makes you stare can have such an effect. Thanks for sharing!

    (I often want to photograph peoples hair/shoes/outfit but am always too scared to ask)

  4. i need to build up my confidence for asking people if i can take pictures. it is insane how many people i see and want to put on here : )