Saturday, 18 September 2010


Grandma's House.
The weath of worthless antique treasure. The Aladdin's Cave of memories. The smell of Potpourri. The staircase.
The place i will never leave; it's a part of me and so i am a part of it.

It may sound silly to list a house as inspiration on a fashion blog. But this house has been my second home for my whole life, one of the only constants in world of change. It gets painted, cleaned, furniture is moved or reupholstered but it remains the same, amazing and wonderful; the place where at least half of my self was created. Without this house, this blog may not exist. It is as simple as that.

I painted the black and white painting, it makes me well happy that it's up on the wall : )

We're going out for curry in a couple hours and upon my return there will be a double OOTD.
Happy Days.

Peace & Love.


  1. I love the purple walls. And that peacock vase is awesome! I will kill to have that. Well not really but it is a really neat piece.

  2. the vase is one of a pair. i joke with my grandad about wanting them all the time but he says i'm not allowed : )
    i will get my hands on them though! x