Sunday, 31 July 2011



I spent the majority of my weekend in Bristol, melting from the heat and humidity so for the train back today i decided to wear this floaty, breezy, midi number that i bought yesterday.
Yeah, i now own a midi skirt. A mid length skirt. DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!
I gotta say, i rather love it. It's a beautiful length, the cut and fabric are gorgeous, it's comfy and i feel super at ease wearing it bare legged. I know I'll never buy another one and i also know i will pretty much only wear it as pictured (with black or other dark colour and suitably ballerina-y top knot) but i think it's time for me to say, i was wrong.
I was wrong about not being able to wear the midi trend and i was wrong in thinking i would never like it on myself.

Just goes to show that you should never completely write anything off when it comes to fashion. There will be one item out there that makes a particular trend work for you, it's just a case of finding it!
Never, ever give up : )

Thursday, 28 July 2011


doing some mayyjjaaaahhhh plastic surgery on the blog so please excuse any nasty ass layouts that might appear


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bows and Glitter

Due to the annoying unprovoked attack of nasty bacteria that was launched on my tonsils (i'm quite bitter about it all now, i really am, i can't stress how much i hate being ill) I've been stuck in the house today, bored out of my mind. So, as bored people do, i messed around with my hair and nails. This is the result. A big ass bow right on top of my head and red glitter obmre clawz. I am so cool!
: )

The hair is all my own and fully attached to my head by roots and follicles and shiz. And the nail varnish is Barry M Red Glitter.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


So after a day and a bit of feeling worse than i have ever felt in my whole life (i am very rarely ill beyond a long cold or cough) i took the day off work and dragged my achey self to the Doctor. Turns out i have Tonsillitis which for the record, sucks!
I'm on antibiotics and bed rest and the doctor told me i had a "very impressive fever". Turns out that when i do get sick, i get really sick!
So i guess the point is that things will be quiet on the outfit front, mostly because A) i am in no fit state to be in front of a camera and B) i'm pretty much just gonna live in my PJ's until i go back to work.
Hopefully though i might do some other posts where i dont need to post pictures of myself!

If any of you out there have had tonsillitis before i just want to say; well done for surviving. If the symptoms don't kill me then the next few days stuck in the house will!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Quality Time

I went for a little picnic with my Dad today. Just us, by the river, chillin'.
It's sort of hitting me now that in a couple of months i'm not going to be living at home anymore and whilst i am of course, very excited, i'm also aware of how much i will miss certain people!
So yeah, i'm getting my quality time in now!


I wore two of my favourite trends today, my most loved recent addition to my wardrobe and some beautiful jewellery i'd forgotten all about!
The stripes and maxi trends have by far been my favourites for summer, totally digging almost every striped item i see and y'all know how much i love maxi's (go maxi or go home, that's my motto!) Anyone got any favourite trends that they've worn to death like me?
This denim is the recent addition i am loving, i've never found a denim jacket that fitted so well and looked so good and i know this is sleeveless so is more aesthetic as opposed to practical but whatever, i love it!
And the forgotten jewellery is everything i'm wearing, i bought the bracelet from the H&M men's section (best for accessories IMHO) and i found the necklace lurking in the bottom of a jewellery box, it was a gift to which i added the vintage tooth pendant.

So i had my afternoon with Pa and tonight i'm hangin' with some of my girls (Hello Pizza!), then i'm spending my Sunday making arty shiz and drinking tea! Hope you all have a beautiful weekend and if you're a Brit, woohoo for the sunshine!! : )

Friday, 22 July 2011

Nailed It

Been getting SRSLY into nail art of late. Or at least having my nails painted all the time (sometimes i do a basic flat colour, i 'm not a machine!) Thought i might as well post on a couple i did the other weekend and may well continue to post on my clawz. How interested would you guys be in seeing process photos? Like a "How To" maybe... Let me know!

Monday, 18 July 2011

Evening 18/7/2011


I just got in from yummy food and delicious cocktails with beautiful company. I only wanted to post because of my love for this coat, isn't it stunning? I spotted it in a vintage shop and then my dad bought it thinking he could pull it off with jeans and a t-shirt, he can't, but that's fine because i get primary use of the thing (he insists on calling it his!) I bet a bunch of you are LOL-ING your faces off at the thought of a grown ass man wearing a women's purple faux fur coat but to be fair to him, he does love the 70's trippy shit and if he strolled about in Hendrix like ensembles he could probably make it work. Problem is, he doesn't. My dad is a man of cargo pants and t-shirts, which is fine, but doesn't really work with eccentric outerwear : )

Morning 18/7/2011


This morning was a little bit annoying, these pictures are about the only good thing to come out of it. I woke up to rain and a completely failed pin curl that left me with 70's porn hair (hence the up do). I usually walk to work in my uniform but i couldn't face a day in wet clothes so decided to wear this for the walk.
It's just another good example of a really simple casual outfit liiiike; this. The jacket is from ASOS Curve and i bought it in the sale after desperately wanting it since it first appeared but apparently not enough to pay full price : )
I'm so in love with my new bag, i think it makes this ensemble really. I've always been black only when it comes to everyday bags but i can see that changing now!

I'm off out to dinner tonight. Wagamama's with my lovely friend Hayley. No idea what i'm wearing but if it comes out good i'll post on it tomorrow, along with pictures of all out tasty food!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

In Pictures...

Sunday 17th July 2011 -

1 - Waking up after a long sleep is always good, even if it is grey outside.
2 - My tea collection.
3 - Tea & Cigarettes.
4 - My favourite bread for toasting.
5 - Toast!
6 - My two cats, apparently they were thirsty.
7 - Conditioning the hell out of my hair.
8 - My new bag from ASOS.
9 and 10 - Rose Incense, it smells so amazing i can't actually stop burning it.
11 - The ultimate lazy weekend clothes: Leggings and a Basketball Jersey.
12 and 13 - A sample of my soundtrack.

I have had an absolutely beautiful, chilled out, mellow, lovely weekend! I was meant to be going away but decided against it in favour of relaxing and spending time with some pretty awesome people.
Today however was purely self indulgent me time. I got up late, strolled about the house in my undies, had a shower, listened to music with the volume all the way up and just did a whole ton of generally amazing things.
Does anyone else just absolutely love weekends or days like that? Where you just forget all responsibility and do completely your own thing?
I love it. It definitely topped off my weekend perfectly.
Get up to anything interesting this weekend? If so, i want to hear all about it, please : )

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Little Pony


I also had my nails painted in Barry M - Mint Green with a Matte Rimmel Topcoat:

My colour scheme was all pastels today so it reminded me of My Little Pony and Carebears. Random Fact: I never owned either of those toys as a child but as a teenager i bought and then burned/tattooed/decapitated them and wore the leftovers as accessories. Hula Barbie had it the worst though...

This is pretty typical comfort outfit for me, especially the top which is a hangover/hot weather/long journey favourite! The jeggings and vest are pretty standard but the shoes, oh the shoes! They're an 8 and i'm a 9 or 10, they were on sale and i couldn't resist. 3 years later they are finally broken in, like i can wear them for a few hours as long as i don't have to walk more than 2 miles : )

Moving on, i wore this to the cinema to see Bridesmaids. Totally hilarious, i recommend it! Acting is such a huge passion of mine and although film isn't what i'd want to go into if i had the chance to act as a job it's still really inspiring to see such a strong female cast who are quite frankly gorgeous, amazing and brilliantly funny.
Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are my two new heroes!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Don't Drink Kids

Your OOTD's will come out all blurry.


Basically i ran out of time before going out so i tried really hard to take pictures when i got home. My camera wouldn't focus which might have been the light or it might have been the wine...
I decided to post the pictures anyway because you'll see this stuff (in focus) in other OOTD's and also because it thought it was funny. I'm pretty down with making my blog as authentic as possible and doing silly things like the above is pretty standard practice for me after i get in from drinking.
I've re-organised my wardrobe in a drunken stupor before, i've painted, i've written christmas cards and i've eaten jam straight out the jar with a spoon.
That's just how i roll...

Sunday, 10 July 2011

One Year Old

365 days of Button Busting greatness have passed and today my baby turns 1!
: )

I can't believe a year has passed, not because it feels too quick or too slow but because i haven't really thought about it.
Blogging has become quite a natural thing to me, i think i'm always considering what i can do next, when my last outfit post was, what cool things i've seen, etc, etc. It's not always my main focus but it undoubtedly has a place in my brain.

I owe so much to this blog and it's readers i don't quite know where to begin.
I'm so grateful for everything but without a doubt Bust my Buttons has given me more inspiration and confidence than i possibly could have asked for. If i hadn't have started this blog i dread to think what i'd be like now, i desperately needed an outlet for this time away from education - something to focus on and get my teeth into and if i hadn't have started BMB i might have lost my nut!

To every reader, be you regular or random: Thank You.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
For your time and comments and love and awesomeness, from the bottom of my heart and soul: Thank You.

I'm getting a bit overwhelmed, i think i need a cuppa and a cigarette!

Looking back at my first OOTD's was a funny little trip. I have grown so much style/fashion wise and i love seeing 3 outfits in a row where i'm wearing something really similar, like a leggings/dress/scarf combo or whatever. I'm still doing that now, falling hard for one item or combination and wearing it to death (for example next year i'll look back and see god knows how many maxi OOTD's!) i'll probably never change.

So yeah, enough babble.
Happy Birthday Bust My Buttons!
Happy bloody Birthday : )

Once again, my love and thanks go out to everyone who reads/has read this blog. I honestly think i'd still be doing this even with no one reading but damn, you guys make it so, so much more worth while.
Here's to the next 365 days!
I'm so happy right now ♥

Friday, 8 July 2011



I have no idea what came over me but this afternoon i got crazy with eyeliner, over-flashed my photos and posed with a face like a slapped arse. For the record i'm pulling my shorts down in that second photo, because there is nothing worse than denim hotpants riding up your you know what...

This shirt arrived ages ago but for some silly reason i haven't worn it yet. It's so beautiful. The fabric, the buttons, the fit, the style. I don't have one complaint. It's longer in the back; which i love. It's baggy; which i love and it is striped; which i really love! Fit wise, i have a Medium which is something like a UK 14 but with room for fashionable oversized-ness. I think this would easily fit a person 2 sizes bigger than me (around a UK 26-28!?!) so if you're interested in getting it and they have some left; go grab one!

Not sure what i'm doing this weekend, so as far as outfits go it may be quiet however i will be doing a birthday post on Sunday as BMB turns one! And i;m off out on Monday night so there'll be an OOTD then!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Retail Therapy

Some purchases from Saturday; the day i burned a phat hole in my wallet (note use of the word "some" this is about half of what i bought)




Said i would do a post on what i bought! I'd actually pretty much forgotten that i'd taken these pictures until i read Steph's post on her recent buys so yeah, thanks for reminding me Stephanie!
Everything pictured here (apart from the hat) was bought on sale, so i got plenty for my money! I hadn't had a good long real life shop in ages so that was pretty dang fine but it didn't half make me remember how much i hate town on Saturdays, so busy! I'm usually a bit of a lone wolf when it comes to shopping, i head in on a weekday afternoon for a couple hours, i buzz round really quickly and i leave happy : )

One other thing i bought on Saturday was Directions Hair Dye in Lilac so as of yesterday afternoon my ombre is now purple:

What do you guys think?
Also, if you've scored any amazing bargains, please tell all : )

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Gothic Hippie Vibes



Although yesterday was a perfect summer day (not too hot and not too humid) someone decided to wear all black...
I think i was driven to it by the peacock feathers, i bought this thing, whatever it is, (I don't think a bit of leather with beads and feathers and shit attached has an official name, correct me if i am wrong!) last summer and haven't worn it since. I love it, i just didn't find a good time. Anyway, i wanted to wear it yesterday and went for all black so it stuck out which then meant i focused most of my attention on accessories.
I love jewellery and belts and all that jazz but i've never considered myself one of those people who is an accessories goddess. Like some people wear really ornate statement pieces and always pick the most beautiful stuff but for me it tends to just be a cycle of the same things like my sterling silver jewellery (most of which is sentimental and not fashionable),  plain belts, standard black bag and whatever sunglasses go with the clothes i have on. And if i do wear lots of accessories it's never a real conscious effort, i just kinda do it. So the point i'm getting to is that yesterday was a nice change from being clothes driven and i think i'll be using the stuff in my jewellery box more often!

I had a fantastic day shopping my arse off and i'll probably post a little bit of what i bought later if i get round to it. It was my last chance to go nuts really because from now on it's all save, save, save ready for uni. Which i'm starting to get very excited and nervous about!!!

I hope y'all had/are having a lovely weekend whatever you're up to : )

Saturday, 2 July 2011



From Top to Bottom
my lovely friend Catherine and I before going for drinks
a picture of me from a whole Saturday spent lounging by the river
home brewed mulled wine warming up by a fire
a gorgeous bright blue sky
my self done red leopard print pedicure
my happy face covered in glitter

I can't believe June is done. Gone. Bye-Bye. Kaput. Like, i just can't!
The other day i was talking with someone who i met at the start of June and i said it didn't feel like the time i'd known them had passed really quickly, but i take it back now. This month has flown by, faster than the speed of light!
It's been amazing & i can't quite believe i've managed to fit so much wonderful-ness into one month. There weren't necessarily big life changing events but i'm a sucker for the little things. The weather has been stunning and i've really enjoyed things like being able to just sit in my garden to eat lunch or drink my morning cuppa (told you, SUCKA for the small stuff) and to be honest i just think after a long dreary winter the sunshine is all i need to make me jolly!


Katy B - On A Mission (whole album)
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (whole album)
Ray Charles - What'd I Say Parts 1 & 2 and I've Got A Woman
Dr. Dre - Gin and Juice
Bring Me Your Love - City and Colour (whole album)
Ed Sheeran - The A Team
Adele - Lovesong
Wretch 32 ft. Example - Unorthodox

I went to see the Hangover Part II which was hilarious and the night before i had to watch the first Hangover as i'd never seen it so yeah, sort of been quoting those two a bit. I also watched Adventureland which i thought was pretty cute so definitely recommend that for a boredom cure.

I read World War Z by Max Brooks in 2 or 3 days so i have now read all his stuff, anyone with an ounce of interest in zombies should do the same; the man's a genius!

So that was June: Lightening Fast and Super Awesome.
It just occurred to me that we're now half way through 2011 and now my brain is like WHAAA, HALF WAY! I feel extremely blessed, the year so far has really been so good and brought me so much happiness. And, i still have so much to look forward to!
I'm an optimistic person most of the time, always trying to see the good in every situation but, like everyone, i've been through some shit and all i ever really wanted was to have a month or a week even where i could say i'd been happy and peaceful and content and the good far outweighed the bad. But i guess life back then had other plans. Here i am now though; happier than ever having had six straight months of bliss! Just goes to show that all you need to do is stay strong, have hope and good things will happen : )
Here's to six more months...