Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The number of people following my blog.

A small number maybe, in comparison to those blogs who have thousands of loyal readers.
But big enough for me, big enough to put a smile on my face.

I see it this way; i imagine my blog is a talk I'm giving and the number of followers i have are the people who stayed in the room listening because they thought something decent of what i had to say.
You with me?
So to me it doesn't really matter if there is 5 or 500 of you, the fact you stayed in the room to listen is what makes me happy.
(please don't take that as ungratefulness, readers in any number are appreciated, I'm just not in it solely for that purpose)

So yeah, big huuoowwwwge thanks to all the lovely people reading. Positively massive thanks in fact.

More love than you can imagine.
You are all very beautiful and I'm totally not worthy of your greatness : D


Monday, 27 September 2010


Got a spare 100 quid. The spare fiver will be donated to a charity...


Reading Chain

I often let myself just get lost in blog land.

I'll just click on a link to a blog recommended by another blogger then keep doing the same thing over and over. Until i end up being stared in the face by no less that 5 pictures of a penis or three on a NY hipster's blog.
But before i get to the penis, i sometimes stumble across something so valuable it makes me smile one of those inside smiles, that you feel in your heart, that spreads to all your joints and tingles.
Just me who gets those?

It sounds corny as hell but i just think that the discovery i have made today is amazing. And if i hadn't have clicked that link, or this link or if I'd have watched TV instead i may never have heard the music I'm about to share. And thinking those non regretful "what if?" thoughts is something i sometimes like to do.


more research led to this


I could be well behind the times with this band, as i often am. But I'm not about only listening to non mainstream music because pop chart stuff is so uncool it makes you're ears bleed and your soul crumble into ash (blerrrggghhh).
I'm about listening to whatever music pleases me, so that means anything from Britney Fucking Spears if i so wish (and not because she's a product of degenerative popular culture and that is so ironic and interesting, blah blah, pretentious crap) to a local band that only ever released one EP (and not just because no one knows who they are or any of the lyrics).

Sorry to rant. But Music Snobbery is one of the worst kinds of Snobbery.
That doesn't mean i love every song ever, it just means that, well, i think i made my point clear.

I'm not sure what this post has to do with fashion, of a plus sized nature or otherwise.
I guess that's just how the cookie crumbled today.

I wanted to do a V.S. post but realised that half the stuff i wanted to put in it is not in online stores yet so i can't get no pictures : /

Peace & Love.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

OOTD: Finally

Finally an outfit post.

But also; finally a denim shirt in my wardrobe.

I love jeans, i might not wear them all that often but i love them. However initally the idea of other clothes made of denim did not convince me.
Maybe because as a younger person my eyes were subjected to this:

It took a while to break out of my denim comfort zone.
I started with a denim jacket, fashion fail on me, i don't know why i just can't work it.
I then bought a sleeveless shirt, this was a winner.
And now I own this:

(i won't even try to justify the state of my hair, i'll just ask you to please ignore it)

I was dragging my dad round H&M yesterday when i spotted this. He'd just told me that i definately did not need lepoard print leggings in my life and the universe or something must have sensed i needed a pick me up.
It's from a straight sizes range and is a size 16. I was convinced it wouldn't fit but i genuinely could not put it back on the shelf. I stared at the amazing studding on it for ages before deciding i had to try it on. I wasn't worried about it being to tight around my middle what scared me was whether it would go round my oh so broad shoulders, and to be honest I'm not sure what I'd have done if it hadn't!
The only thing that doesn't fit is the bottom of the sleeves. They don't do up because my shoulders actually go into the arms a bit so the sleeve cuff sits too high on my arm.
Seriously, so happy it fitted!

Here's a detail shot of the studs. And my lovely matte purple nails.
They cover all across the shoulders at the back too.

I get that I've raved on and on about this baby already but can i please also just mention that it was steal at £14.99??
OK so the denim is more just jean-y coloured cotton but still, £14.99: awesome.

 How do you feel about doing something different with denim? Are you all for an ensemble a la Britney or are you a denim traditionalist?

I'm on the look out for a great long sleeve baggy denim shirt now, preferably vintage, to spice up my baggy shirts collection that is perfect for grunge-ing up outfits.
So i think it's safe to say I've busted out of my comfort zone, which is something I'm rather proud of.

Peace & Love.

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Spring 2011 Ready to Wear..



image from Style.com

Peace & Love.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


To the curvy girl in the starry dress,

Today when i was browsing around the forever shrinking and quite disappointing Inspire section in the Exeter branch of New Look, in a non pervy or stalkerish or weird way, you caught my eye.

You're hair was white blonde with a bad ass purple fringe, perfectly wavy in a very 50's Marilyn way. I had nothing but admiration for your blue and white starry dress, again rocking the 50's vibe especially since you'd paired it with vintage? red wedges. But just when i think you're going for a pretty typical modern twist on the 50's you stun me with your yellow bag and blue sparkly toe nails.
And then i saw how pretty you were.
In a different mood, on a different day i could have been jealous; but instead i just smiled.
Because there you were, shopping in the same section as me (sizes 18 - 26) looking better than any other girl in the shop. You reminded me of a fact i already knew, but feeling disappointed at the plus size clothes range in front of me, had temporarily forgotten.
That beauty has no size. Style is not confined by numbers on labels. Fashion sense is not limited to people whose bodies fit "the norm".

I nearly asked to take your photo when we ended up next to each other in the line to pay, but the light was so bad inside. Then when i saw you outside i contemplated running after you but didn't and then you were gone.
It's a decision hard not to regret.

To the girl in the starry dress, to the the girl reading this, to every person who picks up a big ass rock to smash apart the idea that you have to be a size 8 to be stylish:
You Inspire Me.

: D


Thursday, 23 September 2010

Public Service Announcement


fashun failz.

On another unrelated note, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Because of being busy at work i haven't worn anything exciting or post worthy recently (assuming what i do post is just that!) also, because of my tattoo and wanting it to heal quickly (it's almost done!!!) I've been living in very similar outfits that involve knee length leggings and whatever i can find to wear with them : /

It's a sorry state of affairs. Things will normalise soon.

Peace & Love.

My Dad turned 50 today, send him good birthday vibes, he is awesome and deserves them!
: D

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


I woke up, got ready, left the house looked up at the beautiful September morning sky and thought "Today will go smoothly"

Yeah. Right.

15 steps down the road and on quite the incline, too busy daydreaming i took one hell of a tumble. After 4 people, including 2 in a car, stopping to check i was okay and one joke about bruised dignity lost on somebody i carried on, embarrassed, but alive.
Only to get to the bus stop to find my £5 tights were ruined, i was covered in dried grass and i was grazed on both hands, both knees and one foot. One of those knees hasn't even healed properly from when i came off my bike so hello mutated knee scar.
On the bus i found out they're changing my bus route, nothing major but still, a set back. At work i found out that I'm not getting my usual annual pay rise "to keep the shareholders happy" but not before i had to read 3 pages of corporate BS and general lies. And also my fringe decided to quite rapidly go greasy and stick to my face.
I then finished work and waited for 20 minutes for a ride home that wasn't even coming.

At some point during this mess of a day i thought to myself "This day couldn't get any worse." And then about 10 minutes ago i thought about what I'd thought.

This day can't get any worse. Which means what exactly?
That my life sucks? Possibly.
That I'm suicidal? Definitely not.

That the day could infact get better?

Dad's cooking an evening breakfast right now. It's a treat, a Full English Brekkie for tea (but the sausages in the freezer need using so we are guilt free).
I'm enjoying a nice glass of Fanta, the taste of my youth.
I just bought some lovely new nail varnish, a tasty berry red with a great vintage vibe.
The cough I've been suffering with all weekend has decided to subside.

Things are looking good.

So really the day i thought I'd long to forget. Is turning out, albeit quite late in the game, to be lovely.

Optimism is a winner people.

If you muddled you're way through this post and made some sense out of it, you're amazing.
If you didn't, you're still amazing.
Because I'm now in a good mood.
Suck on that world.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Favourite Fall Fashions

I'm English so according to my dad Fall, should not be in my vocabulary. However, as English as i am, I'm a sucker for alliteration so Autumn got the boot and Fall was in.
This post is about what i loved on the runways enough to be squishing it into my wardrobe over the coming weeks.

Sounds random but i loved the presence of thick woolen fabrics on the runways. Especially because a lot of them were used in tailoring. Wool is a long standing coat material but i love the eccentric English vibe of a thick tweed suit.

From Left to Right: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs, Rag & Bone, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Dries Van Noten.

I've loved sheepskin since forever ago so seeing the Burberry Prorsum line was like pornography. It's everywhere on the high st. right now in both good and bad forms. In all honesty i don't know for sure if other lines used sheepskin, but Burberry's use of it was a smash hit so here is the holy grail of sheepskin jackets:

I'm a self confessed print-phobe. Or at least was. I'm loving florals and the different takes on them designers had. I'm totally a fool for embroidery too, it will be hard thing to work in though because I'm not sure i could pull off big embroidered pieces, I'm thinking accessories for that one.

From Left to Right: Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Erdem, Betsey Johnson, Etro, Diane von Furstenberg.

This has taken me so long to actually get done. I don't know that it's the best post ever. But the pictures are pretty : ) Remind me never to try and post and make a full roast dinner simultaneously ever again though, it's damn hard!

What stuff will you guys be working into your wardrobes for autumn? Have any designers inspired you to break out of your comfort zone or are you just sticking to old faithfuls?

Let me know!

Peace & Love.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

OOTD: Double Trouble

A double whammy of outfit-ness today people!

Bit of a remix going on here. I wore this dress with my mesh insert leggings here. I always say these dresses are easy to wear. And i stick to that statement. Having my ink healing means trying to keep it out in the open as much as possible. Which in turn means knee length leggings being the base of most of my outfits. This is such a typical outfit for me: a dress, some plaid, messy hair and dressing it all up with make-up!


Going out for curry this evening inspired a change of clothing. This dress was bought on sale for a drama exam. I swear my best dresses were bought as costumes! I decided to take the belt and put it round my top knot. I thought it might look a bit too coordinated but then i remembered the scene from save the last dance where Julia Stiles gets her gap top ripped up and tied round her head. Y'know the one?
This dress always makes me feel summery and bright. I used to have this complex about it being too red because I'm so used to black and darker colours, but I'm totally over that now! : )

I did some major charity shopping today and picked up a lovely new grey flannel shirt (yummy!) for a cool £4.30 from The British Heart Foundation Shop.
Probably gonna flash that about tomorrow and may post a picture. But I'm gonna do my Favourite Fall Fashions post first. I have been mentally planning it all week!

Peace Out.


Grandma's House.
The weath of worthless antique treasure. The Aladdin's Cave of memories. The smell of Potpourri. The staircase.
The place i will never leave; it's a part of me and so i am a part of it.

It may sound silly to list a house as inspiration on a fashion blog. But this house has been my second home for my whole life, one of the only constants in world of change. It gets painted, cleaned, furniture is moved or reupholstered but it remains the same, amazing and wonderful; the place where at least half of my self was created. Without this house, this blog may not exist. It is as simple as that.

I painted the black and white painting, it makes me well happy that it's up on the wall : )

We're going out for curry in a couple hours and upon my return there will be a double OOTD.
Happy Days.

Peace & Love.

Friday, 17 September 2010


Here is a list of what i want. I'm not gonna lie, the likely hood of me purchasing much more than the leggings is slim.
I love this collection, but there is a difference between loving something as a work of art and as a great point in fashion history and loving something as a piece you wear and fit into you're wardrobe.
Although her clothes may not have a place on my rail, Beth Ditto will always have a place in my heart!

OOTD: Tent Dress and a New Tattoo

Super doooooper quick post. I'm too tired to function and i have major packing for gandmaahhhs house to do in the morning!



I wore this outfit to go out for drinks. My tattoo clothing was a standard Morgaine uniform of plaid shirt jeans and a tank.
With a splash of red lippy and a flick of winged eye-liner : )

This ASOS Curve dress is super comfy and was the only thing i felt comfortable wearing with knee length (pulled up) leggings. It is however completely shapeless and like a circus tent!

My tattoo is inspired by my travelling around and the stories my grandad always has to tell of the countries he has been too. He was definitely someone who made me want to see the world and every time my breath is taken away by a moment in another country or city i thank him for that.
I will more than likely post on the ink again tomorrow when time is on my side!

Peace Out.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

OOTD: Blue Flowers

I had a really crappy day at work. I'm so fed up of my job i could actually murder 99% of my fellow employees.
But i came home, got inspired and got dressed.

I find it amazing how an outfit can lift my mood. Dunno what it is, magic perhaps?

So yeah. I got my fashion on and went to Tesco. GLAM-O-ROUS.


Big shout out to Ulrika at The Red Rosette for inspiring my hair today! She rocks the top knot like no other and all though i still feel a bit sumo wrestler-esque i managed to wear it outside my bedroom today : )

I actually posed for my pictures today, I'm not sure what's going on. I'm for sure bored of just standing still though, i want to get my ANTM on. Make my body all crooked and smile with my eyes!

I've worn the plain black version of this dress for a previous OOTD. I adored these dresses when they first came out and sometimes wish I'd bought more colours and patterns because they're so easy to throw on and dress up or down. I put this together in 2 minutes.
I gotta mention the bag, Marks and Sparks Christmas sale 2 or 3 years ago was £35 i bought it for £6.50! The only problem with it is the strap is a bit short for me to wear on my shoulder but lets face it, that's hardly the end of the world!

I'm getting a new tattoo done tomorrow and I'm going out for my friends birthday so you guys will get one picture heavy post I'm sure!
Until then...

Peace & Love.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010



Now that leaves are on the ground (I've seen three so far) and a duvet is back on my bed i feel autumn//winter fast approaching.
Nothing, nothing, beats knitwear for me when it comes to the colder months. Except maybe a killer pair of boots or the hypnotic lure of an open fire and a convenient bag of marshmallows or snow.
Okay. so i like a lot of stuff that comes with the lower temperatures, but this post is dedicated to knitwear.
Specifically: Cardigans.
Even more specifically: ASOS Curve Cardigans.

They really are churning out some awesome woollies right now.

It's safe to say i am a cardigan lover.

I do love me a good jumper too. I just haven't been inspired by any i have seen.
I'm still looking for my ultimate jumper.
It's soft and chunky but loose knit so it has a grunge vibe. Man made fabrics are no-no, regardless of how convincingly woolly they appear to feel. The sleeves are a bit too long, body a bit too baggy and just long enough to cover Mon Derrière.
When i find this jumper I'll celebrate by spending a morning alone in the house wearing my new knitted friend with noting but these and some sheepskin slippers. Dancing, no, flailing wildly to Florence and The Machine or Kate Bush. Then reading and drinking tea with my cat Captain Kidd and finally enjoying some crumpets whilst sat on the windowsill watching the wind bust my garden to pieces.
: D

What do you guys think to my little jumper dream, do you have similar visions of celebrating the ultimate knitwear find? Or do you find knitwear boring and overrated?
I know some people who hate cardigans, how and why i have no idea, but they do.

Peace & Love.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Well Hello Monday...

...when the hell did you arrive?

I'm so bad at letting time run away. But it's just not in my nature to be one of those crazily planned out, highly strung, impatient people. (Unless there is a flight to catch in which case i have a fully planned timetable and suddenly become a t-rex on crack if something goes wrong.)
I've been having millions of ideas recently in regards to the bloggeroo. But I'm still struggling to think of a good running feature.
Do you guys even care if there is one? Do you have any ideas?

I have a hella load of stuff to do tonight. Well that's a lie. I have one very time consuming thing to do - Morgaine has to wax her legs. Sorry if that grosses you out but i feel the need to be honest : D

This week i fully intend to do a A/W Fashions post. Probably a V.S. And more than likely a few other random little posts.

I'll leave you lovely people with this link, I've followed this blog for a while and love it but this post nearly brought me to tears i swear:

Peace and Love.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

OOTD: Blue Dress and a Beehive


Well it was less a beehive and more a subtle Snooki Poof.
Anyway, i went out last night very briefly for drinks a pizza to bid farewell to my lovely friend Lauren who departs for university on Sunday. She's not going very far away, it's less than an hour on the train to see her, but just knowing that she won't be available at short notice on random nights of the week for cups of tea and cigarettes in my back garden makes me a bit sad.
I'm watching a lot of my friends go to uni at the moment, some are just starting and some are going back for 2nd and 3rd years. It makes me feel strange, i know I'll be going in a year so it's not jealousy or anything like that, i think it's just because i always thought I'd go to school, go to college, go to uni, get a job and that would be it, done all in one lump. So now, partly through my choices, partly through other circumstances I'm watching all the people i know live out the plan i had for myself whilst i sorta just go with the flow. It doesn't scare me or upset me, it just bewilders me that i was so sure of everything I'd do and how and when and where I'd do it but yet I'm the one who's ended up taking a break from it all to just, well bum about. Funny how life turns out right?
I mean when i was 11 i wanted to be a pro wrestler.

I barely spoke about the clothes. What a fool : )
Peace Out.

Friday, 10 September 2010


It's unlikely that I'll shave my head any time soon, but i do own one hell of a pair of Dr. Martens and there is some plus size Ben Sherman stuff on Simply Be so maybe next week I'll be a skin for a while.
On a serious note Skinhead fashion is something you can take all the way or just take influence from. Everyone can rock it, regardless of size/gender/colour/political affiliation. And what is quite awesome about it is so many other trends work with it and share elements of it; punk, new wave, military, mod, indie, rockabilly, 80's, sportswear, the list goes on...

I've read lots about the Skinhead Subculture, its origins, branches of it, fashions in it, news stories about it. It's not just a group of racist thugs, and skins were born not out of politics but a merger of cultures. I love the fact that it is a working class thing, having studied Communication Studies at A-Level I've done a lot of studying into class and culture and i find it really interesting that a lot of the best and most long-lasting fashions are born out of working class subculture.

Due to the fact that this post was created in my brain because of This is England. I've only put together pictures of the cast from the film and TV series. I'm not out to say that it's a perfect representation of Skinhead Fashion it was just the easiest way for me to get pictures because that was what inspired the post.

All photos found on google images, i don't claim to have taken a single one. I just wish i had!

I'm also gonna stick this Gnarls Barkley video in for good measure. Awesome song and amazing styling of the video's cast!

Peace & Love.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

OOTD: Pixelated

Thanks to everyone who sent me get well soon vibes, they surely worked for this morning i felt much healthier!

Healthy enough in fact to go and ruin my health with an all you can eat Chinese buffet this evening (nom)
Having not worn much else other than work uniform and PJ'S for quite some time i made a bit of effort clothes, make-up and hair wise (way too much effort for an all you can eat anyway) and this was the outcome.


Pretty simple as far as outfits go but i love this top like a sister : )
And if you look very carefully i even painted my nails a lovely shade of stripper bright pink to match one of the colours on the top!
I recently invested in some matte top coat for nails, a bit pricey at £4.49 but I'm loving the effect on all my bright nail varnishes, in some ways it makes them more wearable.

I just watched This is England '86, it is a follow on from the fantastic Shane Meadows film This is England set 3 years later. The film is one of my favourites and being a massive lover of the 1980's i am stunned by all visuals of the film and the new series, especially the costumes, hair and make-up.
I'm so blown away, i am going to do a massive inspiration post very soon! (i was going to shave half my head but decided that may be to big a decision to make so quickly!)

Sorry to all you lovely readers (who i appreciate more than i can express with silly words : D) for being rubbish recently. I promised i had new ideas and i for sure do, but as per usual i can not be rushed, but at least that means the goods will be of the highest quality even if the delivery is a bit late.

Peace and Love to you all!